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Before you start a diet, it’s recommended to use a body fat analyzer which can measure your body fat. Plenty of people use this type of devices because they want to keep under control their body fat.
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For an overweight person, starting a weight loss diet can give results in loosing weight, but not necessarily in fat loss. That’s why, if you have a fat analyzer at home, you will know what type of program you should start to lose weight in a healthy way. Whether you tried to follow a weight loss diet or you just decided to eat fewer calories, you may have realized with regret that sweets are the first elements which should disappear from your life. However, you shouldn’t be so cruel to yourself, because there are some friendly desserts which have their place in your diet.

Healthy homemade protein bar

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These days, plenty of people choose to prepare homemade desserts just perfect for their diets. As such, if you are thinking about preparing a special dessert with fewer calories, you should opt for protein bars. This type of dessert is easy to make and it gives you the energy you need. For preparing these protein bars you will need some dried fruits, milk, honey and oatmeal. You need to mix all these ingredients and put them in your refrigerator.

Lemon mousse with strawberries

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Most people choose to prepare this friendly dessert because it is an unexpected delight. Moreover, this dessert is easy to prepare and it’s perfect for those who are following a diet. All you need is a piece of gelatin, 2 cups of strawberries, some fat-free plain yogurt, lemon juice and 1 egg. This recipe also provides you with a useful amount of vitamin C.

The chocolate pudding

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The chocolate pudding is a perfect dessert for your diet. Moreover, it doesn’t contain starch or harmful additives All you need is a banana or an avocado, some honey and cocoa powder. You need to mix all these ingredients and put them in your refrigerator. Furthermore, you can prepare an ice cream from cocoa powder and a cup of fat-free milk.

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