Uses of Ionized Water in the Kitchen

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When the water gets ionized with the help of the electrolysis, it becomes either acidic or alkaline. The difference between the acidic and alkaline water is that the first has the pH less than 7 and the other has the pH greater than 7. Therefore, in order to obtain the benefits of an ionized water, you need to install in your kitchen a water ionizer that will separate the water and will give you the possibility to drink it or use it for cooking, washing dishes and much more. Furthermore, modern ionizers are some very sophisticated units that will also filter the water and remove chemicals before the ionization process is initiated. Thus, if you are interested in finding out more about how the ionized water can be used in the kitchen, read the article below and learn about the benefits of having a water ionizer.
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For Drinking

Drinking alkaline water will help you improve your health condition and will balance the pH of the body, increasing immunity and healing ability. Moreover, ionized alkaline water is a great antioxidant, which means that the skin becomes much healthier and so your body will be able to prevent the aging process. Also, your overall health will be improved.
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For Washing Vegetables and Legumes

You can clean your vegetables and legumes with acidic water in order to remove the insecticides and pesticides used by the producers and supermarkets. This will also remove any harmful bacteria such as e-coli. Moreover, the taste of the food will improve and you will be able to eat healthier vegetables and legumes. After you wash the food, you can rinse it again with alkaline water.

For Washing Dishes

Acid water from the ionizer is very good for washing the dishes. Besides the fact that it will remove all the harmful substances contained by the dish soaps, it will also remove grease and harmful chemicals from the cookware.
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For Cooking

You should also use ionized water for cooking and preparing meals. Even though the alkaline water may taste different because it doesn’t have a neutral pH, it will give the food its natural taste and will enhance the flavor of the meal.
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For Disinfecting the Kitchen

Strong acid water with a pH lower than 2.7 is an incredible disinfectant. The water has strong sterilization properties and so you can use it to eliminate bacteria and viruses that with normal water would be very hard to get rid of. Therefore, use the water to sanitize and remove the germs from the kitchen utensils, countertops, sink, and so on.

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